What are Neurological MRI Scans?

Neurological MRI is immensely helpful in detection of any kind of neurological defect or disorder. These scans give detailed images of the required body part from different angles and in different dimensions. Neurological MRI is a radiation non-invasive, free and painless procedure, which is carried out with minimum hassles to patients.

bgsgin-logoThese days, there are much technological advancement in the neurological MRI and AIRIS II MRI scanners are one of those new developments. These scanners with its patient-friendly design greatly reduce the discomforts experienced by claustrophobic, children, physically disabled people who have to undergo MRI. This scanner allows the patients to be examined in a completely relaxed and comfortable position. Almost all these scanners produce quality scanning images in better resolution and contrast.

Neurology treatment centers depend mostly on MRI scans for getting accurate and precise scanning results that will help them to select the most effective treatment. The radio and magnetic waves used in this system produce detailed scanned images. When the patient is scanned under the MRI machine, the protons of the area to be scanned will become capable of transmitting and receiving electromagnetic energy. The signals transmitted depend on the homogeneity and mobility of protons in the magnetic field. Finally, the computer processes the transmitted signals to two and three dimensional pictures.

MRI scans is recommended by the best pediatric neurosurgeons in India for the examination of major neurological conditions such as brain tumors, Alzheimer’s disease, aneurysms and strokes Most of the best neurosurgery hospitals offer neurological MRI scanning facility in a patient-friendly and comfortable environment.