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Horrible Facts of Alzheimer Disease

Horrible Facts of Alzheimer Disease

It’s a type of dementia and just like a creepy snail Alzheimer disease spreads and destroys the human brain. Alzheimer is a slowly growing active disease found in the human brain. Alzheimer disturb the main body controlling functions of the brain. Consequently the patient faces the severe physical and mental traumas. Its risks are high with aging. In increased age of patient the disease shows its worse effects. Cognitive skills are targeted in this disease and patient lost his active skills. Alzheimer disease plays a horrible role in destroying patient’s body maintenance. However some special step can be taken to avoid higher Alzheimer’s disease symptoms. Alzheimer is particularly found in aged people. Most percent of the people came to know about this disease after the disease gets complete hold on them. Numerous people are unaware of the some specific symptoms of Alzheimer and are completely aware of their problems.

Specific Symptoms of Alzheimer

Alzheimer is one of the slow but very harmful diseases of brain. Symptoms of Alzheimer disease are different in different age group patients. Aging is the plus point in spreading high risks for Alzheimer disease. For example the young patients suffering from Alzheimer don’t get at once memory loss, instead of complete or partial memory loss; they become completely lost for some time period and still in some cases. The patients in the age near eighty or above face severe memory loss and this sign can be easily seen in them. Symptoms of Alzheimer are observed first by the doctor and after that further treatment are done. The intensity of signs of Alzheimer pointed what therapy or medication should be used by the experts.

Some specific symptoms of Alzheimer disease diagnosed by researchers are:

  • The memory starts losing in patient with the passage of time.
  • Conversation problems occur during speech and hearing.
  • Vision is not clear and goes almost into blindness with aging of patients.
  • Some genetic factors have also effect on Alzheimer.
  • In many high risks cases the patient is unable to recognize the places and areas; where he is.
  • Patient feels difficulty in performing daily tasks.
  • Often gets confuse and fear to loss.
  • Alzheimer patient often feels difficulty in simple problem solving things or situations.
  • Self-confidence is totally diminished.
  • Misplacing of things becomes habit of Alzheimer patients
  • Lack of judgment can be observed easily in patients.
  • Abrupt the mood of the patient change and the patient shows aggressiveness.

Causes of Alzheimer Are Still Unrevealed

The causes of Alzheimer disease are still not revealed by the researcher. Many scientist and doctors have different reviews and reasons for Alzheimer disease. According to latest observation the growth of amyloids of protein inside the brain causes Alzheimer. Reasons are not clear that’s why no specific medication is designed to cure Alzheimer disease. But some therapies and treatments are used by the doctors to stop and preventing the higher risks of Alzheimer’s disease symptoms

alzheimer's disease symptoms
alzheimer’s disease symptoms

in the patient.